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I am thrilled with the outcome and really feel like our campers benefited from the experience, she continued. I loved getting to know all of the campers through our communication prior to camp and their participation the week of camp. Im also so grateful for all of our community partners and presenters who gave so generously of their time and talent to encourage the next generation of health care workers. Camp topics included learning about careers in nursing, nurse anesthetist, hygiene and public health, as well as mental health and self care, which included a yoga lesson from NRCC instructor Manisha Sharma. Students were also able to explore career overviews from various local professionals including a respiratory therapist, pharmacist, medical coder, medical laboratory technician and occupational and speech rehabilitation therapists. Carilion Clinic Flight Team member Adam Berger, a flight nurse with Carilion Clinic Life Guard, shared information about his career as both a paramedic and a registered nurse. Activities also included a suture simulation where students learned to suture wounds with the help of Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine faculty and students. Watson Edwards, VCOM Director of Manikin Simulation and Clinical Procedural Skills, held a session from VCOMs simulation lab that included a hands on suturing activity. Each camper received a packet of supplies prior to the camp for the activity, with the materials donated by VCOM. Each day, the students met in small groups virtually to put a final presentation together. Friday, July 24, concluded the camp, with students showing off the small group presentations they had worked on during the week.

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Cooperative learning is characterized by positive interdependence, where students perceive that better performance by individuals produces better performance by the entire group Johnson, et al. , 2014. It can be formal or informal, but often involves specific instructor intervention to maximize student interaction and learning. It is infinitely adaptable, working in small and large classes and across disciplines, and can be one of the most effective teaching approaches available to college instructors. Informal cooperative learning groupsIn informal cooperative learning, small, temporary, ad hoc groups of two to four students work together for brief periods in a class, typically up to one class period, to answer questions or respond to prompts posed by the instructor. This video shows an example of informal cooperative learning in a large class taught by Tessa Andrews at the University of Georgia:The instructor asks a discussion question.

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