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D. eds Information Systems Foundations: Constructing and Criticising. Canberra, Australia: ANU E Press. Frame, D. 1996. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Revisited.

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I have reviewed a number training sites in hopes of getting a much better understanding of the new DOT standard. NRCME Plus was the best without a question. There is no question why their pass rates are as high as they are. I enjoyed the layout of the course, in particular the use of several different slides on each topic, with gradual expansion of the concept. This is a terrific course and great resource of information!I thought it was very good. I had the option of a 6 hour oral presentation and I think I learned much more from this.

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Having them be with peers without the pressure, letting them be ethical and morally bound, them being strong in character but not be slave to it. It is needless to say that most students today are either socially awkward, stereotypically and pragmatic in the sense that they rely mostly on ideas fed to them by the media, the educational institution and their religious beliefs. As an instructor reading on about this Hidden Curriculum I realized its relevance and its impact. I also got to reflect whether as a teacher I am really helping my students cope with their own selves. he Hidden Curriculum bookHidden curriculum is defined as being an implicit curriculum. Rather than coming about by design, it represents behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge that are communicated without conscious intent it is an accumulation of values communicated indirectly, through actions and words that are part of everyday life in a community. Determining whether hidden curriculum should be given equal emphasis with other types of curriculum implemented in schools is rather a difficult question. According to an article, the messages of hidden curriculum may complement or contradict each other as well as the official curriculum. Hidden curriculum can support or undermine official curriculum. For example, if we display athletic trophies in the hallway near the school's main officebut not recognition for debate or music or scholarshipconveys a hierarchy of valued accomplishments that puts sports ahead of academics. It is likely that hidden curriculum has the most impact when there is an aggregate or a pattern of consistent messages.

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In response, ethicists such as Kevin Ryan and Karen Bohlin have advocated a radical renewal of ethics education in elementary schools. They claim that comprehensive ethics education can improve ethical standards. In Building Character in Schools, Ryan and Bohlin compare an elementary school to a polis, or Greek city state, and urge that ethics be fostered everywhere in the educational polis. Teachers, they say, need to set standards and serve as ethical models for young students in a variety of ways and throughout the school. They find that manipulation and cheating tend to increase where academic achievement is prized but broader ethical values are not. They maintain that many aspects of school life, from the student cafeteria to the faculty lounge, ought to provide opportunities, among other things, to demonstrate concern for others. They also propose the use of vision statements that identify core virtues along with the implementation of this vision through appropriate involvement by staff and students. We would argue that, like elementary schools, universities have an obligation to ethically nurture undergraduate and graduate students. Although the earliest years of life are most important for the formation of ethical habits, universities can influence ethics as well. Like the Greek polis, universities become ethical when they become communities of virtue that foster and demonstrate ethical excellence. Lack of commitment to teaching, lack of concern for student outcomes, false advertising about job opportunities open to graduates, and diploma mill teaching practices are examples of institutional practices that corrode rather than nourish ethics on campuses.

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