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To a lesser extent, Wicca also drew upon folk magic and the practices of cunning folk. It was further influenced both by scholarly works on folkloristics, particularly James Frazers The Golden Bough, as well as romanticist writings like Robert Graves The White Goddess, and pre existing modern Pagan groups such as the Order of Woodcraft Chivalry and Druidism. It was during the 1930s that the first evidence appears for the practice of a pagan Witchcraft religion what would be recognisable now as Wicca in England. It seems that several groups around the country, in such places as Norfolk, Cheshire and the New Forest had set themselves up as continuing in the tradition of Murrays Witch Cult, albeit with influences coming from disparate sources such as ceremonial magic, folk magic, Freemasonry, Theosophy, Romanticism, Druidry, classical mythology, and Asian religions. According to Gerald Gardners account in Witchcraft Today and The Meaning of Witchcraft, Wicca is the survival of a European witch cult that was persecuted during the witch trials. Theories of an organised pan European witch cult, as well as mass trials thereof, have been largely discredited, but it is still common for Wiccans to claim solidarity with witch trial victims. The notion of the survival of Wiccan traditions and rituals from ancient sources is contested by most recent researchers, who suggest that Wicca is a 20th century creation which combines elements of freemasonry and 19th century occultism. Historians such as Ronald Hutton have noted that Wicca predates the modern New Age movement and also differs markedly in its general philosophy. In his 1999 book The Triumph of the Moon, Bristol University history professor Ronald Hutton researched the Wiccan claim that ancient pagan customs have survived into modern times after being Christianised in medieval times as folk practices. Hutton found that most of the folk customs which are claimed to have pagan roots such as the Maypole dance actually date from the Middle Ages. He concluded that the idea that medieval revels were pagan in origin is a legacy of the Protestant Reformation.

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The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported seven incidents of injuries to the face and eye that were related to Lululemons elastic draw cord. When the elastic draw cord with a hard tip in the hood or around the neck area is pulled or caught on something and released, it can snap back, impact the face area and result in injury, where the hard tip snapped back on the face, the Commisson posted on its website. Both Davidowitz and Anderson say the company needs to fix their supply chain and quality control problems. They need to implement new processes and procedures, said Anderson.

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They also generated the mid engine Grand Prix cars and also supercharged V 12 and V 16 motors. These, alongside the racers coming from Mercedes Benz, dominated International vehicle courses for practically decade. The company produced its very most widely known layouts for NSU as well as Zundapp. Models were actually defined by Porsches torsion bar revocation and also rear mounted engine. Neither of the organizations manufactured the styles, therefore Porsche sold the idea to the German federal government. He at that point delivered the error on the construction from a plant in Wolfsburg to construct the concept. He called that the Type 60, but the globe understands that as the Volkswagen Beetle. After The Second World War, the Porsche Company began to produce the cars that now bear the label of Porsche. Virtually one hundred years later on, Porsche came to be the marque, and the loved ones that cultivated the one of a kind and also enduring contributions to motor vehicle style as well as design has decreased in background. Porsche's first ever electronic car is a modern sports sedan that stands entirely for its standard and name. The brand is known for its performance and prestige.

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Just like many other families, we have helped in the classroom, joined committees and worked on the PTO. Currently, I am proud to serve as the president of the SUSD Governing Board. Our dedication to our children, and this district, knows no bounds. However, Arizona continues to lag nationally in public school funding, and is dependent on resources such as M and O overrides to provide what used to be standard components to education, such as athletics and arts. Previously, when the voters of this community failed to pass the override, my students hung up their violins and put choir aside as SUSD was forced to cut all arts programs in the elementary schools. Additional consequences of failure to pass the Override included crowded classrooms and a half day Wednesday schedule to address lack of funding for teachers and support staff. Thankfully, in 2014, the SUSD community took notice and responded by passing the Override. In Scottsdale, we pride ourselves on our high standards for living, learning and culture. For 124 years Scottsdale Unified School District has been known as the Gold Standard. Each day, students like mine are able to choose from competitive programs such as: dual language immersion, advanced placement classes, STEM, dual enrollment, honors, career and technical education, exceptional arts and award winning athletics. I believe in the leadership of current SUSD superintendent, Dr.

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Stress and burnout among teachers is a major concern for school districts nationwide, affecting the quality of education and incurring increased costs in recruiting and sustaining teachers. For the study, a group of 18 teachers was recruited to take part in a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR course, a well established and well studied method of mindfulness training. The project team adapted the MBSR training to fit the particular needs and time demands of elementary school teachers. It was among the first efforts to train teachers, in addition to students, in mindfulness techniques and to examine the effects of this training in the classroom. "We wanted to offer training to teachers in a format that would be engaging and address the concerns that were specifically relevant to their role as teachers," says Flook, who has advanced degrees in education and psychology and whose primary interest is in exploring strategies to reduce stress and promote well being in children and adolescents. The teachers who received the training were randomly assigned and asked to practice a guided meditation at home for at least 15 minutes per day. They also learned to use specific strategies for preventing and dealing with stressors in the classroom, such as "dropping in," a term to describe the process of bringing attention to the sensations of breath and other physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions for brief periods of time. The training also included caring practices to bring kind awareness to their experiences, especially those that are challenging. One of the goals of the study was to evaluate outcomes using measures that could be affected by mindfulness training. The researchers found that those who received the mindfulness training displayed reductions in psychological stress, improvements in classroom organization and increases in self compassion. In comparison, the group that did not receive the training showed signs of increased stress and burnout over the course of the school year.

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