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As of now, even the Director General of ICMR has said that mortality reduction hasnt yet been demonstrated. But here is what KMS has to say:We dont need to do a phase 3. This is a pivotal story. The drug is already approved and we went through phase 1, 2, 3, 4 for this drug because it is being used for treating psoriasis. This is a label extension. The disease model of Covid is different from that of Psoriasis, so how can phase 3 be skipped?The same drug has not gotten any such approval to skip phase 3 in US for example!I asked Dinesh Thakur who knows what he is talking about and exposed the fraud at Ranbaxy if its justified to skip phase 3 for Covid just because the drugs ability to control autoimmune inflammation has been tested in psoriasis. He explained succinctly. 2/2 of what kind of endpoints which are NOT pertinent to treating RA are evaluated in a large enough sample size which gives us statistically sound confidence that there is a meaningful therapeutic effect efficacy. That is the question. Also, label extension is treated like a new drug as per Indian laws and cant be the basis of skipping 3rd phase trials as KMS seems to suggest, if I didnt get her wrong. PSA: A "label extension" is considered a new drug under Indian laws.

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Hispanic writer, poet and essayist Tomas Segovia died in the Mexican capital of complications to the cancer he suffered. The Spanish born Segovia, who went to Mexico as an exile after his homeland's 1936 1939 civil war, was the recipient of numerous honors including the 2000 Octavio Paz Prize for Poetry and the Essay and the 2005 Juan Rulfo Prize for Latin American and Caribbean Literature. He was also honored in 2008 with the Federico Garcia Lorca International Poetry Prize. Mexico's National Culture and Arts Council, or Conaculta, offered condolences for the poet's death in a communique. Click here to read more about this article. A Fresh Perspective by Sara CoslettThis is just another healthy distraction,From my life of dissatisfaction.

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82 | AUGUST 2018AbraxasCommdesignMarcel Breuers Cantilever Chair. 1929FurnitureTrendingFurniTure2018:Mid Century ModernFurniturePart IIThere have been several importantrevivalist periods in the history of furniture. At times designers have been inspired bythe past, at others they have fixed theirsights firmly on the future. The turn of the19th to the 20th century was a period ofchange and uncertainty. Traditional valueswere in a state of flux, as people lookedforward to the challenges of a new century. A brief overview of the 20th centuryshows that styles kept changing andmetamorphosing into entirely newer andnewer concepts. Many furnituredevelopments would have beenimpossible without the advent ofthe industrial revolution of the 19thcentury and the invention of newmaterials in the 20th. The beginning of the 20th centuryhad seen the tapering off of the Artsand Crafts Movement, of which thefounding father in England wasWilliam Morris. In America it wasGustav Stickley. Both had producedhugely popular styles of furniturethat had great mass appeal. TheWiener Werkstatte the VienneseWorkshops, for the applied anddecorative arts, was establishedin 1903 by a trio of designers, ofwhich Josef Hoffmann was one.

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5. But CEO Brian Chesky realized that homes are just one single part of a great journey. A great journey lets you immerse in and join the local community. With the new product Airbnb Trips, also experiences and places will all be available in the app. So, what are those new features?Consumers travelers For travelers, the extension of Airbnbs offerings provides a great value added, because the platform becomes a One Stop Shop for your entire travel. This will reduce the time necessary to prepare trips and give you new local insights during your holidays. Of course, this comes at high costs: 55 for a sunset bike ride in Tokyo or 98 for a 3h cocktail workshop in San Francisco can not be afforded by budget travelers. Providers guides From now on, you can also become a host for activities. When deciding to become a host, you have to apply and Airbnb checks the experience for certain quality standards. The best experiences offer guests access participation, and perspective see Figure 1. Next to monetary profit, the benefits are also non financial: get more exposure for what you promote your brand, and meet locals like you Airbnb: Become A Host, 2017.

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Haematol. 172: 110 114. 91. Z. I. Khamis, D. A. R. Zorio, L. W. K.

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