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Kevin Birchall and Eric Salb performed a number of timed technical tasks and attempted to start a 2009 Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible that had been rigged with a no start condition by automotive instructors from Centennial College. The Canadian International AutoShow hosted the competition on Feb. 11. By finishing first, the pair will be representing Canada at the National Automotive Technology Competition in New York City in April. In addition to the all expenses paid trip, Birchall and Salb collected a trophy and equipment from sponsors. Northview Heights was also represented by Brandon Muff and Vali Ion, who finished second. Toronto's Danforth Tech finished third, thanks to the efforts of students Jordan Ho and Tauriq Shaikh. Both schools were big winners, too. Their auto tech classes will take delivery of a General Motors vehicle, which will be used for technical training. General Motors of Canada donated two brand new vehicles as prizes. This was the 10th year for the contest, organized by Centennial's School of Transportation, which promotes automotive technology as a rewarding career path.

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The Chancellor may refer any such request to the Chair for referral to a Committee of the Board. When deemed proper, the Chair or a majority of the Board may waive these rules and hear any person on any subject. In addition, persons other than presidents or agency heads who desire to appear before a Committee of the Board may petition the Chancellor or the Secretary to the Board. The officers of the Board of Regents shall be the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Chancellor, the Secretary to the Board, and the Treasurer. Effective July 1, 2011, unless otherwise determined by the Board, the Chair and the Vice Chair shall be elected at the November monthly meeting for a term to begin on January 1st and to end on December 31st of each year. Except as provided in Section 11 of Article IV of these Bylaws, no one person shall hold more than one office. The Chair shall be a member of the Board, shall preside at the meetings of the Board with the authority to vote, shall appoint members of all Committees, and shall designate the Chair of each Committee. The Board Chair shall be an ex officio member of all Committees with the authority to vote. The Chair, upon the authority of the Board and in the name of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, may execute all notes, bonds, deeds, contracts, and other documents requiring the Seal. The Chair shall submit the annual report of the Board of Regents to the Governor. The Vice Chair shall be a member of the Board and an ex officio, voting member of all committees of the Board.

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Sincerely: beautiful job!Jackie, I loved the book!It painted a vivid picture of the world in which Barnabas lived, and brought to life the real person family man, professional baker, Englishman, and citizen of the New World. Through this story of Barnabas, I saw the story of hundreds of other quiet, tough, and passionate pilgrims who made this perilous journey in those first decades of the great migration. Thanks for writing the book I always wanted to read about our immigrant ancestor. I am really looking forward to getting a copy of this book. I am related to Barnabas through my mother whose mother was a Horton Florine Little Horton and was the daughter of Jonathon Decatur Horton and thus back to Barnabas. I have spent a number of years researching my lineage and look forward to confirming and/or correcting my findings. My findings have taken me back to the 600s and a Horton from the North Carolina SAR has told me, he thinks there are links back to the Vikings. I just found out about this book about 10 minutes ago and am so eager to get it and find out more about my relative Barnabas Horton. I am a direct descendent of Barnabas through his first son Joseph. I am planning a trip to Southold so I can go to the Horton Lighthouse and see all the surrounding where Barnabas and the group settled. I have done the Ancestry DNA and would to be in touch with any of my relatives.

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