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This created significant and daily cannibalisation where Google was not sure which was the central World Cup page for the newspaper instead returning many different pages throughout the build up to the tournament for that search term. Its about internal linking. In contrast to Mail Online, the Guardian links repeatedly to its hub page from World Cup related articles. The publisher clearly had a plan in mind when it created the hub page, and all subsequent content on the World Cup worked towards this plan. Here we can see a link in the opening paragraph of the article. This pattern was repeated elsewhere, a tactic the Guardian uses with success for many other topics. In we look at the chart for The Guardians rankings for World Cup over the same period as Mail Online one shown earlier, the effect is obvious. This is almost the complete opposite of the Mails chart. Its World Cup landing page dominates over all other pages on the site for this term. The Guardian also achieves a consistent page one ranking on Google, which would have made a massive difference to traffic on what would have been one of the most popular search terms of the year. Mail Online had the same opportunity to rank for this term.

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Among students assigned by lottery to see live theater, we find enhanced knowledge of the plot and vocabulary in those plays, greater tolerance, and improved ability to read the emotions of others. Our goal in pursuing research on the effects of culturally enriching field trips is to broaden the types of measuresthat education researchers, and in turn policymakers and practitioners, consider when judging the educational success or failure of schools. It requires significantly greater effort to collect new measures than to rely solely on state provided math and reading tests, but we believe that this effort is worthwhile. By broadening the measures used to assess educational outcomes, we can also learn what role, if any, cultural institutions may play in producing those outcomes. The opportunity to study the effects on students of seeing live theater arose as part of a collaboration with TheatreSquared, an award winning professional theater in Fayetteville, Arkansas. TheatreSquared agreed to add matinee performances of A Christmas Carol and Hamlet, and school groups in grades 7 through 12 were offered the opportunity to receive free tickets to one of those performances.

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N. the children were allowed to work on projects for approximately 5 hours a day over a 1 week period. Today we worked on part one of our final project for Concept 2 Measurement. Your team has been hired to design a roller coaster for this theme park. The local amusement park sells summer memberships for 50 each. Tes Global Ltd is registered in England Company No 02017289 with its registered office at 26 Red Lion Square London WC1R 4HQ.

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Congress regularly delegates responsibility to a number of agents who provide important support for its legislative activities. Many perform functions that could be characterized as "executive" in most contexts the Capitol Police can arrest and press charges against lawbreakers, the Sergeant at Arms manages the congressional payroll, the Capitol Architect maintains the buildings and grounds, and its Librarian has custody of a vast number of books and records. Moreover, the Members themselves necessarily engage in many activities that are merely ancillary to their primary lawmaking responsibilities they manage their separate offices, they communicate with their constituents, they conduct hearings, they inform themselves about the problems confronting the Nation, and they make rules for the governance of their own business. The responsibilities assigned to the Comptroller General in the case before us are, of course, quite different from these delegations and ancillary activities. The Gramm Rudman Hollings Act assigns to the Comptroller General the duty to make policy decisions that have the force of law. The Comptroller General's report is, in the current statute, the engine that gives life to the ambitious budget reduction process. It is the Comptroller General's report that "provide for the determination of reductions" and that "contain estimates, determinations, and specifications for all of the items contained in the report" submitted by the Office of Management and Budget and the Congressional Budget Office. It is the Comptroller General's report that the President must follow and that will have conclusive effect. It is, in short, the Comptroller General's report that will have a profound, dramatic, and immediate impact on the Government and on the Nation at large. Article I of the Constitution specifies the procedures that Congress must follow when it makes policy that binds the Nation: its legislation must be approved by both of its Houses and presented to the President. In holding that an attempt to legislate by means of a "one House veto" violated the procedural mandate in Article I, we explained:"We see therefore that the Framers were acutely conscious that the bicameral requirement and the Presentment Clauses would serve essential constitutional functions.

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